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Expertly crafted. Exceptionally livable.

With its stylish design and premium features,  Saturn sets a new standard for off-grid living.
From the upgraded windows and doors to the self-sufficient photovoltaic system and ample storage space, every detail of this innovative tiny home is designed with your comfort and convenience in mind.
  • Our best insulated tiny house, so far…

With 15 cm dense wool insulation and All season glass, multi-chamber, 6 cm thick windows and doors, it is probably one of the best insulated tiny houses on the market

  • Off-grid

Electrically self-sufficient, you only need water and gas for the stove. For everything else you have the photovoltaic system, which means there is hot water on the taps and also underfloor heating throughout the house including the bathrooms.

  • Automatic washing machine

An automatic washing machine and duct system for drying clothes in the house make laundry a breeze.

  • Fully Detachable from Trailer

Our house is fully detachable from the trailer so you can use the trailer for something else.

  • Ambient Lighting

We used LED lighting to make the house feel like a modern architectural statement.

  • Foldable Terrace

We have developed a foldable terrace with an additional 5 m² of space to enjoy the outdoors.

  • Sleeps 4 adults

A 160 x 200 bed upstairs and an extendible sofa

Floor plan designed for a good life

Experience Saturn: A Tiny House Like No Other

Step into the cozy and functional world of the Saturn tiny house! Experience compact living with big possibilities as we take you on a virtual tour of our innovative and sustainable design. Discover surprising comfort and style in this unique space that’s perfect for anyone looking to live large in a small space.

Handcrafted with passion

Trailer and house dimensions

  • Space: 25 square meters of space including loft and foldable terrace
  • Trailer: 7.2 m x 2.44 m, 3.5 tonnes, 2 axes, Vlemmix
  • Support: 4 support feet
  • House: L 7.2 m x W 2.54 m at the bottom, L 8.5 m x W 2.54 at the top x H 3.97


  • Barrier foil: high performance intelligent vapor, wind and water barrier foils that allow diffusion depending on the climate.
  • Walls: R-3.13 – 10 cm Sheep-Wool
  • Roof: R-4.69 – 15 cm Sheep-Wool
  • Floor: R-3.81 – 10 cm Graphite Infused Polystyrene + 2 cm Extruded Polystyrene


  • Wood siding: extra resistent wood stain 
  • Roof: Corrugated metal roof
  • Windows: 6 cm thick Aluminum. Double paned all-season glass with silicon in between  (1 fixed, 7 operable)
  • Doors: 2  6 cm thick Aluminum doors 80x200cm with all-season glass.
  • Terrace: 2.1m x 2.4m Foldable terrace with 3 support legs.


  • Walls: White painted wooden walls and roof
  • Floor: Solid wood Oak flooring
  • Bathroom Floor: Water protected solid wood Oak flooring


  • Electrical:
  •        OFF-GRID

      – 6 x photovoltaic panels with 2.2 kw power

      – 2 x 190 Ah rechargeable batteries

  • – Standard CEE 16A 230V connexion
  • – electrical safety panel running several circuits around the house
  • – multiple outlets around the house
  • – led lights throughout the house
  • Water:
  • – External water inlet
  • – 80 L freshwater tank
  • – 10 L electrical boiler 1300 W
  • – 57 L used water tanks
  • Heating: 
  • – Floor Heating, 7 sqm with digital thermostat
  • – Dickinson Newport Solid Fuel Heater


  • Sleep: Sleeping place for 4 adults comfortably
  • Convertible sofa: with 150 x 220 bed + storage underneath
  • Loft: 160 x 240 cm with lights, night table and plug
  • Staircase: with storage & 2 soft-closing big drawers
  • Decoration: Small grey coffee table & shelves
  • Wardrobe: ample storage and place for hangers and shoes
  • Foldable eating/working table: 120 x 60+ 2 foldable chairs with storage under the table


  • Refrigerator & Freezer: Stainless Steel 150l A Class
  • Sink: Glass & Stainless Steel Sink
  • Water Tap: Modern Silver Matted Water Tap
  • Cooker: Glass 2 Burner Gas Cooker
  • Countertop: Ecological Oil Wooden Countertop (food safe)
  • Furniture: Custom Kitchen Drawers with Soft-Closing and a 2.4 m Upper Shelf with LED lighting


  • Washing machine: Automatic 2.5 kg washing machine
  • Shower: 90×60 cm Shower Tray with Yacht Varnished Walls
  • Toilet: Separett Villa 9000 diverting toilet
  • Sink: Stilysh sink with modern faucet and Chromed Plumbing
  • Other: Sliding Door, Shower Courtain, Electrical Plug, Round Mirror, Shelf, Towel Hook, Toilet Paper Holder, 50 x 100 drawer
Tiny Wunder House Saturn, an improved and upgraded version of our popular Jupiter model. With its unique exterior design featuring vertically different sized and colored wood with ventilation slots, the Saturn is both stylish and functional.

One of the major upgrades on the Saturn model is the windows and doors, which are now made of all-season glass with a silicone layer between the panes to keep out the sun’s heat. The doors are also upgraded to include two glass doors instead of one, and custom color options. The kitchen windows are now larger, letting in more natural light.

The Saturn model is also self-sufficient and autonomous, with a 2.2 kw/h photovoltaic system and batteries providing electricity and hot water. Underfloor heating throughout the house, including the bathrooms, ensures comfortable living year-round. An automatic washing machine and duct system for drying clothes in the house make laundry a breeze.

Storage has been improved on the Saturn model, with more storage space than the Jupiter. And, unlike the Jupiter, all of the insulation in the Saturn’s roof is made of dense sheep’s wool, providing superior insulation properties. The white roof also acts as a heat dissipator, keeping the house cool in the summer.

Stress free with 3 years warranty.

Experience the best in tiny home living with the Tiny Wunder House Saturn.


3 Years Warranty

We offer transport anywhere in Europe

We are located in Romania, Oradea, on the border to Hungary. Our town has cheap flight connections to many European cities. We are happy to build your Tiny House on Wheels and deliver it to you anywhere in Germany and Europe. The houses can be picked up for free in Munich or shipping elsewhere is quoted on an individual basis.

For our Tiny Wonder Houses we use a custom built trailer (3.5 tons) specially created for Tiny Houses on Wheels

If a Tiny House is to be declared as a cargo, it does not need additional approval. According to Article 22 of the Road Traffic Regulations , the load shall be “stowed and secured in such a way that it can not slip, fall, roll back, fall down or avoid avoidable noise” even in the case of full braking or sudden evasion. In order to be considered as a load, however, the structure must also be fixed in such a way that it can be separated manually from the hanger (eg by using U-brackets and wing screws or twistlocks).

The problem with living in a wohnwagen is that you FEEL like you’re living in an wohnwagen. At best their aesthetics are uninspired and at worst you feel like you’re living in a styropor fridge. At Tiny Wunder House, we feel that the spaces you spend time in matter. We focus on aesthetics, quality and functionality so you feel more like you’re living in a custom craftsman cottage or rustic getaway instead of a can of sardines. RVs are also not designed for full-time living, are poorly insulated and consequently very expensive to heat and cool.

You can park it anywhere you want, even if it is a leisure time space, you will have no problem parking it there.

It works like a wohnwagen so you just connect the outside electricity cable to the house plug and it works.

Our standard toilet option is the saw dust composting toilet. It is a very good option for those that are willing to change their habits slightly and desire an eco-friendly alternative. Below are some other options to consider as well:
-Incinerating toilets
-High-end composting toilets

The size limitations for European roads are 4 m Height and 2.55 m Width.
We take care of that, you only need to have a good enough car to tow it safely around, especially be able to break with it.
Luckily we offer delivery services, and will work with you to deliver the house to a location of your choosing.

Ready to get your tiny house?

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