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We present Pollux, our most versatile Tiny House on Wheels!
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    Eve C.
  • A little space and yet enough - detailed in every detail. In the morning fire burns - to see the stars at night - to be so much outside - close to nature. I enjoy the simple life and comforts of warmth, running water and toilet in the house. Every day I am happy about my house. Thank you!
    Eve C.
    Proud Owner

You want a Tiny House on Wheels at a reasonable price, we know, so let’s talk about it.

What we do

A Tiny House on Wheels must reflect precisely the owner's personality and lifestyle, however, we like to design each and every Tiny Wunder House to be both comfortable and environmentally friendly so that you can feel cozy and proud at the same time in your new home. Click to see what makes our Tiny Houses so special!

How we do it

There’s definitely more to building a Tiny House on Wheels than simply putting a box on a trailer. It starts with an idea, or a dream, which evolves into a blueprint after we design it and then the creation process begins. It takes a lot of effort and dedication but we love building Tiny Wunder Houses on Wheels. Click here to learn more about our building process!

Big dreams come true in your Tiny Home!

  • What is a Tiny House on Wheels?

    Using traditional building techniques and natural materials, Tiny Homes are made to be aesthetically similar to larger ones and be movable.

    • – Properly isolated home with a sleeping room, a living space and a bathroom with toilet and shower
    • – Equipped kitchen
    • – Running cold and hot water taps
    • – Electric floor heating
    • – Sufficient storage space
    • – Handmade, double-glazed wooden windows and doors


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  • Why live tiny?

    Each of us have their own reasons for wanting to live in a Tiny Home but beyond that, it is a journey into what matters most.

    • Mobility freedom – Imagine you can move your home wherever you go
    • Downgrading – Living with what is necessary, a conscious shift towards a simpler life
    • Eco-friendliness – A tiny house leaves a lighter carbon footprint
    • Cozyness – More privacy and better living space organization
    • Costs – Better than paying years of rent and less house to clean and maintain


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  • Mobility

    Whether you are a student who needs accommodation or you want it as an office to move around or as a garden house to give your guests an unique experience or as a permanent residence, here’s the best thing about it:

    It gives you independence and freedom. It’s mobile, it’s a Tiny House on Wheels.

    Unlike a bauwagen, you don’t have to depend on anybody with a truck or a tractor to pull it, you just hook it to your car and take your home wherever you go.

Trustworthy brand

We are an environmentally conscious brand and use the best materials to make
Tiny Wunder Houses.

Highest quality

We personalize a Tiny Wunder House with small details to make living in it a wonderful experience.

Healthy living

We like a healthy living space and know the importance of using ecological materials.